How do mice appear?

The weight and size of these three species of mice are very similar. Including their tail, they typically measure between 5.5 and 7.5 inches in length. Coloration is one of these species’ most obvious distinctions.

The implementation of an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) is required for nearly all mouse issues. The white-footed, deer, and house mice, as previously stated, inhabit somewhat distinct habitats and exhibit distinct behaviors. As a result, your Silver Bullet pest management professional (PMP) will begin by accurately identifying the mouse pest and developing a treatment strategy that is both effective and efficient for the specific species that is causing the issues. Whether the pest mice live inside or outside the building and where they go to eat is probably the most important consideration. Your PMP will be able to develop a successful treatment plan with your knowledge of this. The Silver Bullet client is educated about the PMP’s actions and how they will affect the mouse population after a treatment plan is created.

The Silver Bullet PMP will use both non-chemical and chemical methods, depending on your situation. Not only are non-chemical methods efficient, but they also reduce the number of chemical techniques required to maintain control. The following are some effective non-chemical control methods that your PMP will recommend:

Elimination and sealing of entry points for mice into a structure. Using screen, flashing, door sweeps, heavy-duty sealants, and other exclusion materials, your PMP will seal openings larger than 14 inch. Keeping mice out of the construction isn’t generally a basic venture; However, the only and most effective approach to mouse issues over the long term is exclusion.

To help reduce the amount of food and water that attracts and sustains a mouse population, your PMP will recommend implementing sanitation measures both inside and outside the building. Additionally, your PMP will advise you to get rid of any vegetation, clutter, or debris that makes hiding places for mice to use as harborage sites.

Your PMP’s treatment plan will frequently include the use of traps and other mechanical tools to eliminate or kill mice.

Chemical products designed to kill mice, like rodent baits, may also be utilized by your PMP. While baits are very effective, they must be placed carefully and strictly in accordance with the instructions on the product’s label. One of the more normal strategies for lure use is to put the trap plan in a sealed rat snare station that safeguards the snare from unplanned openness to non-target creatures or individuals.

Last but not least, if you notice signs of a mouse problem, do not put it off any longer. The female house mouse has a lot of offspring. Therefore, if you delay initiating control measures, a few of them may quickly develop into a significant infestation.

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Silver bullet inspects your home or business for any entry hole  and offers a complete rodent abatement package

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Silver bullet offer many alternatives to ensure you are rodent-proof within your home and eliminate any rodents roaming arount your attic and interior of your home 


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