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Do you require help with a Carpenter ants insect pervasion in New Jersey. Silver Bullet Pest Control is knowledgeable in woodworker subterranean insect control and treatment. We know how unpleasant it can be to have these dangerous bugs in your home. We get awesome surveys for craftsmen and control and would be cheerful to enable you to audit treatment and evacuation alternatives to dispose of your woodworker Carpenter ant insect invasion.

Ants Control Service nj

Dispose of ants with the assistance of Silver Bullet Pest Control Talk to us about ant insect control treatment choices to enable you to dispose of ants in your home.

We are an outstanding exterminator serving New Jersey. We have business clients and additionally private clients and we would be cheerful to offer you a free assessment that will enable you to get on your approach to disposing of ants in your home or business.

Carpenter Ants

  • They are about large black ants they are on many parts of the world.
  • They prefer dead damp wood to build their nest they also do not consume wood like termites.
  • They hollow out the wood to nest on the inside of the wooden structure they create substantial damage in not treated.


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