What are the prices for your services?

Silver bullet Pest Control take price in customizing our services to our client needs.

What types of service do you offer?

We offer 3 Types of services Pesticide,Steaming,Organic and Eco-Friendly.

Are bedbugs danger to our health?

Bedbugs are not dangerous to our health there are not know to pass any disease.

What animals or Insect should I worry about in my home?

The animals you should be worry about in your home Squirrels,Raccoons,Skunks,Rats,Mice

Insects to worry about is Termites, Powder post Beatles,Roaches,Fleas,Ticks,Bedbugs Carpenter ants and bees.

What are the most typical type of roaches in our homes?

The top most common of roaches are as follow American Cockroaches,Brownbanded Cockroaches, German Cockroaches and Oriental Cockroaches.

Does your company offer Warranty?

Yes we do offer Warranty with most of our Services.

What is a General Pest Service and what does it consist of?

Our General Pest Service Consist of Treating exterior and interior Protection of your home as well is covered by our warranty ending in March 1 of the following year .

Does Your company offer Monthly services at low cost.

Sure we do ask about our monthly plans it can be as low $25.99.

Why are these insects in my home?

Insects most common in your home is because of moisture and food source is in your home the perfect climate for insects.The way to prevent any insect in your home keep kitchen moisture free and seal all cracks and crevices.

Do I have to plan preceding treatment?

Yes. Our experts need full access to your space with nothing in the route for them to perform the work appropriately. There ought to be no disarray of any sort.

Storerooms should be discharged with everything wrapped up and fixed. All attire ought to be washed and kept in fixed plastic sacks.

For rodents and different bugs: Access to baseboards is expected to search for passage focuses. Kitchen cupboards and drawers should be purged to permit access to basic passage focuses.

Will any splash that is utilized harm or stain the furniture or floor covering in my home?

No, it won't.

What kind of Eco-accommodating treatment alternatives do you offer?

We offer the accompanying eco-accommodating medications:


Eco-green applications


I have kissing bugs, will I have to catch up with various medications?

For blood suckers at least 2 medications is required. This is required for the best results furthermore with the goal that we can target both grown-ups, babies (sprites) and unhatched eggs.

What sorts of installment do you acknowledge?

We acknowledge money or charge card.

How soon will a specialist arrive?

More often than not we can plan a specialist to touch base at your home inside of 60 minutes.

Do you offer guarantees for the work performed?

Yes, we offer guarantees of 30, 60 or 90 day periods. Your choices will be talked about in individual with our specialists.

Do you promise your work?

Completely. On the off chance that you are not fulfilled by our administration, let us know and we will settle it ASAP so you are 100% fulfilled by our work.

To what extent does the treatment take?

For kissing bugs it more often than not takes 1-3 hours. Departure is compulsory for a 6 hour period while we perform work. A 24 hour departure period is required for kids less than 4 years old and anybody with breathing issues (asthma/COPD..etc).

Will you be in correspondence with me about the occupation?

Yes, our professional will call you preceding arriving and after the occupation has been finished. Any vital plans to bolt the entryway will be talked about with the professional.

Will I get a work's duplicate request that was performed?

Completely. You will get a receipt messaged to you which points of interest any work performed. The receipt can be paid forthright via telephone before the work's begin or on the spot with the specialist.

Will you depict your examination process for blood suckers?

We first will go to your area and perform a visual review to evaluate the circumstance. In the event that you have requested a canine examination then we will likewise perform the canine investigation in the meantime.

After investigation, we focus the best technique to handle the circumstance and start arrangement for treatment. We give blood sucker prep administrations or you may do the prep yourself preceding treatment.

At that point, we will perform the treatment to your area. We require 2 medicines for greatest viability furthermore so we can adequately treat grown-up and fairy (infant) kissing bugs as there will undoubtedly be blood suckers at diverse development stages at your area.

How successful are kissing bug pooches?

Amazingly powerful. Notwithstanding a visual examination by an expert our kissing bug mutts have an identification precision of 98%. Different studies have demonstrated that kissing bug puppies are an exceptionally compelling system to distinguish blood suckers in spots where people can't achieve, see or smell.