Terms and conditions of use

Silver Bullet Pest Control –If for some reason the customer is not comfortable or completely satisfied with your results of our service. Silver Bullet will perform additional service at no charge to the client.Therefor the client is under an annual enrollment period.

Failure to cooperate with our terms and condition voids any guarantee.in order to achieve best results

From our service, you must cooperate.

Insurance certificate will be summited to the client request.

Rodent Control Placement-Silver Bullet Pest Control reserves the right to charge the client for lost or damaged bait station or other rodent control placements. The customer must not disturb change or move the contents within the placements.

Pets-Customer must assure their pets and children must keep away from treated or baited areas.we are not liable for any of our regulation are not follow as per our consumer information sheet as per our

Service slip our client signed and dated.

Non-payment default- you the customer understands if you do not pay for your service reasonable time period or a collection agency must be hired for nonpayment for outstanding money interest at the highest legal rate collection fees and reasonable attorney fee will be applied to the customer.

Material used shall comply with all federal laws state and local laws and effective regulations

Pest Damage-Silver Bullet Pest Control is not liable for present or future and past damage and does not guarantee structure or contents done by wood destroying insects or provide for any repair or replacement thereof.


Our agreement will and shall be effective from the initial date of service, regularly scheduled service is canceled by either party. This agreement is not applicable for a single or a one time service from our company unless stated in writing. Cancellation shall be in advance written notice from a party to our company Silver Bullet Pest Control.


Service cancellation shall be in advance at least 2 hours before the scheduled service. The customer agrees to pay a $50.00 cancellation charge if our technician has arrived at the job site for your scheduled service.

Our annual package is broken down into 4 services annually used accordingly thru out the year after the 4th service of the year our service after that will be charged at a rate of $65.00 per additional services.

 Pest Damage- silver bullet pest control is not responsible and does not ensure against the past, present, or future harm to any structure or substance, or accommodate the repair or substitution thereof. This understanding does not accommodate the control of termites, wood-exhausting creepy crawlies, or any bug not indicated thus.

modification IN LAW This contract shall be understood, regulated and adjudicated in accordance with applicable federal, state and native laws and laws, as they exist at the time this contract is deadwithin the event of a modification in existing law, because it pertains to the services secure herein, solution cuss management reserves the correct to revise the annual renewal fee or terminate this Agreement.

 NOTICE OF CLAIMS, ACCESS TO PROPERTY any claim under the terms of this agreement will be made immediately in writing to the Silver Bullet Pest Control at its office. Silver Bullet Pest Control is only obligated to perform under this Agreement provided the Customer allows Silver Bullet Pest Control access to the identified structure for any purpose contemplated by this Agreement, including but not limited to re-inspection, whether the inspection was requested by the Customer or considered necessary by Silver Bullet Pest Control

  NON-PAYMENT the Customer agrees that upon default of any payment due by Customer, Silver Bullet Pest Control is relieved from further obligation under this agreement. Customer also agrees to pay all reasonable collection fees, including attorney’s fees, incurred by Silver Bullet Pest Control in the event of Customer’s default.

  DAMAGE Silver Bullet Pest Control shall not be responsible for any past, existing, or future damage to the structure(s) indicated on the attached diagram. Silver Bullet Pest Control does not guarantee the damage disclosed on the attached diagram represents all of the existing damage, as of the date of the Contract Silver Bullet Pest Control inspection. The Customer is advised and warned that because of the nature of subterranean termites, there may be damage that is not visible and not indicated