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Termite Structural damage literally eats away most of the structure of your residence and most of your biggest cost are going to be an average of repair for termite damage is 3,000 but varies widely depending on the advantage of termite in your home could cost you thousands.

Termites eat away the cellulose of the wood causing wood to become soft and more often look like newspaper or cardboard. Keep in mind once termite finds your home it can take years before you can actually find any of the termite swarm coming our your home. Termite can eat up to 3 feet yearly depending on the size of the colony.

Termite control is not just killing bugs, it is about protecting what is most likely your largest investment, your home. With more than 10 years of experience, we take great pride in the work that we do. You can trust our range of termite control solutions to give you the peace of mind that termite activity is under control on your property.

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Types of termite treatment provides Pesticide, Baits, and bedbug underground systems 

Extermination of Types of Termites
Subterranean Termites:

  • Dry wood Termites
  • Damp wood Termites
  • Arid Land Subterranean
  • Formosan Termites

Termite Control

Termites control in New Jersey

 Are considered a pest that thrives into the beams of your foundation and eats off your home and average colony capable of reaching about 300,000 in size. Termites are considered a wood destroying insect they are known for destroying millions of homes and causing billions in dollar in property damage thru out the United States



Termites control in NJ

Termites are comprehensively separated into three noteworthy termite bunches: underground, dry wood and damp wood. In the event that you are attempting to characterize a particular termite province into a gathering, you have to take a gander at the fighters and the elites, the winged, unmated conceptive rank, in light of the fact that laborer termites crosswise over gatherings tend to appear to be identical. Likewise vital is the harm's presence wood they expand.


Three "stations" of a termite settlement: specialists are roughly 6 mm long, light-shaded and wingless; fighters have prolonged heads with mandibles; reproductive are dull-hued and have two sets of equivalent length wings.

 Termite control in Bergen County, Passaic County, Union County, Essex County and surrounding areas,

Different variables that will recognize underground Termites are:


Elates (swarmer’s): Dull chestnut to dark in shading, about ¼ to ½ creep along with two sets of wings that are near being equivalent long.


Specialists: No wings, about ¼ inch or less long and cream-hued.


Officers: No wings, huge mandibles (jaws), termite state guards, are rich white in shading, yet their head is regularly caramel in shading.


The appearance of harm wood: Since underground termites fabricate their homes underground, harmed wood typically has an aggregation of soil or mud inside of the wood's passages they are eating. Since underground termites just eat the softwood, harmed wood has all the earmarks of being layered, the specialists' aftereffect not eating the hardwood part. Also, underground termites sustain "with the grain" as opposed to over the grain, as do dry wood termites.


Area of the home: As their gathering name recommends, the home is typically found subterranean. Homes may be found over the ground, however just when adequate dampness conditions are accessible to bolster the over the ground home and the province is old and settled.


Conduct, Diet, and Propensity


Termites live in settlements underground, from which they manufacture burrows looking for sustenance; ready to achieve nourishment over the ground level by building mud tubes; subject to dampness for survival.


Eating routine comprises of wood and other cellulose material.




Distinctive rates of development from egg stage to grown-up, contingent upon individual species; one essential rule for each settlement, which can lay a huge number of eggs in its lifetime, however, eggs additionally can be laid by supplementary reproductive in a set up proving

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