Bedbugs Preparation
Silver Bullet Pest Control company will be treating your unit to control the existing Bedbug problem. In order to achieve satisfactory results it is extremely important that you cooperate by following these instructions.

Pick up everything from the floor. If the items are clothes, wash them at 120 degrees or higher in order to kill the bed bugs. If you wash them prior to the service date they must be sealed in an area that bugs cannot get in. Such as trash bags tied. Etc. Remove all the bed covers and wash them at 120 degrees or higher. Move all the bedroom furniture away from the walls leaving room for the technician to treat behind those areas. Vacuum the apartment prior and after the treatment is performed concentrating on the edges of the apartment where the walls meet the floor. Discard the bag inside your vacuum cleaner. Remove all drawers from the night stands and dressers. Make sure you are out of your apartment for a minimum of 4 hours after the service. If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please feel free to contact the Silver Bullet Pest Control at (973) 510-2585

Your cooperation is highly appreciated, 

Thank you 

Roach Preparation 
In order to achieve successful results in eliminating the roach problem at your unit, please follow these instructions prior to treatment:

Empty all cabinets and counters. Make sure no roaches have been moved with kitchen items to the temporary storage area. These measures will allow the pest control technician to access all hiding and nesting areas in the kitchen. We recommend the resident vacate the unit for at least three hours after the treatment, as the odor and fumes of the insecticides may be offensive. After the application is dry, the resident can resume normal activities in the treated areas.

In order to facilitate the monitoring and control of cockroaches, the conditions that are attractive and favorable to roaches must be eliminated. Cockroaches are nocturnal, and prefer to hide in dark, warm places. Sanitation and good housekeeping measures are paramount in controlling roaches.

These are our recommendations to keep your residence free of German roaches: 
Eliminate sources of food and water wherever possible. Store food in sealed containers. Place garbage and trash in containers with tight fitting lids. Remove trash, paper, boxes and other items that may provide hiding places. Check plumbing and other areas for leaks or moisture buildup. Clean food and beverage spills as quickly as possible. Remove grease from cooking areas, fans, counters and floors. Although these precautions sound elementary, they are essential to properly monitor and control the any roach problem. Thank you for your cooperation.

Preventive measure is necessary in order to avoid bedbugs. 
In addition to your residence, you can be in contact with bed bugs at hospitals, doctor’s offices, dentists, schools, nurseries and more! 
It is important to check the surroundings of your bedrooms such as bed frame, box spring, moldings, as well as checking for any unusual black stains or dots. If you see any evidence that is not supposed to be there you might have a bed bug problem.

If you wake up to rashes or red lumps on your skin, you should vacuum your home and clean thoroughly in order to vacuum all the eggs that might be laying around. If the problem persist give us a call in order to solve your problem. We have many affordable ways to eliminate your problem from pesticide free, heating and freezing procedures.

Termites have been around for thousands of years including subterranean termites found in NY/NJ area. The way to try to keep termites away from your property is by inspecting your home at least once a year. Check for any moisture areas in your home cracks and crevices. Termites cause millions of dollars of property damage and can eat as much as 2 ft. per year. 

You can prevent this from happening to your home by keeping all baseman and crawl space free from any moisture we understand is not easy to keep moisture away from your property.

Waterproofing baseman is a great way to keep your property moisture free and also a great investment for your home. 

Silver Bullet Pest Control can do your yearly inspection for your residence at a low cost. 
We take pride in our services. 
Our recommendation is to have a service at least every 7 years due to pesticide after every year is diminishes it potency don't let your home get eaten by wood destroying insects this included termites and also powder post beetle. 

We are here to help you on preventing your problem, here a few easy steps to follow: 
Check to insure roaches aren't unknowingly coming home with you. 
They can be buried in grocery bags. 
Jump into your briefcase on your job. 
You can carry roach eggs into your new home without knowing you did. 
Check all your cabinets for any left-over residue. 
Keep pantry clear from any crumbs. 
Roaches seeks out warmth, darkness and moisture. If you left out food the night before you just added a bonus to the problem. Roaches in homes is a widespread because they thrive on very little resources to survive.

Types of Roaches include:

  •          German roach: Nest around the kitchen and bathrooms due to moisture.
  •          Brown banded cockroach: like drier hotter regions and will nest in areas eye level or higher.
  •          Oriental cockroach: drawn to humid areas such as basements also known as water bugs.